Vienna (Blog) Stories

People I meet keep asking me why I don’t write my books in English or why my blog isn’t in English, so that, at least, they can get the latest news about my work and life.

With friends and curious readers all over the world, writing my books in English would be an excellent idea, but I will probably be keeping on writing in my mother tongue, at least mostly, and maybe, one day, I will translate more of my novels and tales into English. If I find the time to do it. But time being the real problem, it’s not on the agenda for now.

Last night though – which was one of the weirdest nights in recent times – that idea came into my mind. It was because of the guy I was going out with and the location he had chosen for our date. A place I frequently had had a glass of wine at when I was much younger. So many memories of the past combined with a good conversation and so many even better vibes … and – voilà – the idea became very concrete: Shortest short stories taking place in different locations in Vienna. Places I have been to, places that bring back memories, places that would tell stories if only they could. But them not being more than silent observers, I will be doing the telling on their behalf.

So after another night of rain and weirdness, it’s another sunshiny day. I just cut the first roses in my garden, now I am going to cut out some memories and try to make beautiful oregami flowers out of them. To be placed on my blog. Well, and maybe the first story will be about the night that brought back all those memories and all that rain that tried to wash them away …



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