Sweet Spring – First Vienna (Blog) Story

Yesterday I promised you the first Vienna (Blog) Story and – voilà – here it is! As I also explained yesterday, each story will take place in a location in Vienna that brings back memories to me, good or bad ones.

This first story of course had to be about the place in Vienna I like best, not only because it is the nicest bar/restaurant in town, but also because I fell in love there, this spring, drinking a cocktail called „Sweet Spring“ and looking into two beautiful eyes. This spring was a sweet spring for me for that reason. And even now that the love-story has already become a memory, I will always look back at those few weeks, in which I was happy as happy one can be, and I will always be smiling thinking about that time.

This is mainly to Jakob, to whom this story is also dedicated. Coincidentally, it’s his 25th birthday today. Happy B-Day, Jakob!

Of course I also dedicated this story to the whole Chestnut team who make me smile and feel good whenever I pop in, too.

I hope you’ll like the story and – who knows – maybe you even will want to sip a Sweet Spring at the Chestnut, too. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Here’s the story …



(A cocktail called Sweet Spring.)


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